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Your personal Navigator to explore and utilize the full power of your Business Apps

Data is the new oil in the 21st century. Not only that the five most valuable companies in the world - Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google - are built on data. There is also another analogy: data needs to get “refined”, to create it’s real value. Information and knowledge need to be extracted from data just as energy can be extracted from oil.

In todays business, every transaction leads to a new set of data. Office 365 is the leading and most comprehensive business suite of software and services. You can create all kind of documents with it, collaborate with your teams and organize your projects. Dynamics 365 does the same at the Backoffice.

appsolut graph has been created to “refine” your business data. Based on the rock solid foundation of Office 365 and Dynamics 365, the refinement process of appsolut graph consists of:

Consolidation | Navigation | Control

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graph model

appsolut business graph Integrate business data to your central knowledge base

Graph Model takes the main part of consolidation in the data refinement process. Live data are loaded from supported primary systems, like Office 365, and merged in real time into the appsolut Graph Model. The Graph Model is a semantic business graph of Entities and Relations, even between different primary systems.

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graph dashboard

Your personal master Dashboard to access your business data

Get your single point of access to your data in Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Your Documents, Teams, Tasks, Appointments or Activities are just a click away.

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graph navigator

Navigate your Business Relations Just click and follow the relations of your business data

Click on any entity of the Graph Model to open it in the Navigator. View detail information or select the relation you want to follow. You can even click on provided web-links to directly open it in the appropriate Office 365 application.

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graph pathfinder

Time-travel the Navigation Path Surf the history of your selected data in a timeline

Each selected relation is added to the collection of navigation steps. The Pathfinder enables you to surf this Navigation Path with ease. It’s like time-traveling the history of your navigation.

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graph chart

Interactive Graph Chart Get the whole picture at your fingertips

The next step: the complete Navigation Path can be presented as visual Graph. With no additional effort. Click on any Node or Relation to open the Navigator and continue surfing.

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appsolut Services

Born in the Cloud

Applications provided by appsolut are dedicated to the Cloud by design. With this, they can utilize the full power of modern application stacks.

Performance by Design

Microservices, rich browser applications or modern state management. Just a few building blocks of our performance oriented architecture.

Managed Services

All services and applications of appsolut are provided as managed services. No hassle. Just click and run.

Multi Device

Support of various device types to enable access to applications and services from inhouse and mobile use cases scenarios.


All our services are hosted in high security environments and are GDPR complient. No compromises are accepted.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise business solutions with integration of on-premise applications and Single Sign-on with your Active Directory.

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